Ap-Praise Yourself

Celebrate success and reflect on what has changed. Routes to promotion and continuous improvement.

You are an Entrepreneur

Re-evaluate your ability to "think like an employer" and how you rate as an entrepreneur.

It's Your Business

"Think like an employer". YOU are your own business and YOU are the product being taken to market.

Take Aim - Hit the Bullseye

Re-evaluate where you are right now. Measure your progress through the programme and determine your new starting point.

ADVANCE - to the Next Level

What is your new starting point? What are your goals, skills, qualities and attributes? What are your assets and what are your liabilities?

Product Development

Continue to track and boost the awareness of your product, "your skills, qualities and achievements". Ensure that you have the proofs to back up your claims.

Develop Business Value

Your strategy for success. Analyse your assets, opportunities and risks. Continue to develop your PDP and increase your value and net worth.

Return to Go

Unless you have reached your ideal position, the process simply starts again. All that has changed is your starting position.

Up for it? Then, let's move on up.

Get started now

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