Securing an Interview

Review the stages of securing an interview in the visible and hidden job markets. Think of an interview as a business to business ("B2B") transaction.

Prepare, Practice & Perform

Remove any uncertainties by focused preparation and additional research. Give yourself a competitive edge.

Meet TED

Be prepared to extend your elevator pitch using STAR techniques (Situation, Task, Action and Result) in discussions during the course of your network and interview meetings.

Close the Deal

Recognise buying signals, deal with objections, negotiating and closing techniques.

Talk the Talk - Walk the Walk

Verbal and non-verbal communication and the importance of building an evidence based portfolio.

After the Interview

Actions you can take after the interview to increase your chances of success. Learn from experience. Create positives out of negatives.

Poor Planning, Poor Performance

Increase your chances of success with performance analysis and mock (virtual) interviews. Avoid "fail to plan" "plan to fail" outcomes.

Up for it? Then, let's nail the interview.

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