Get Connected

Networking and increasing exposure in the visible and hidden job markets.

Your Network

Start to build your own network.

Talk the Talk

Credibly communicate to gather information and intelligence.

Spot the Hidden Job

Identify, manage and track opportunities using the "SPOT" funnel.

Top Down

Organisational structures and the decision making process. Who are the decision makers, influencers, blockers and coaches?

Your FAB

Identify your Features and Benefits and build the foundations for your Elevator Pitch.

Going Up

Continue to build your "Elevator Pitch" and prove your Features and Benefits.

Elevator Pitch

Finalise your Elevator Pitch by proving that your Features and Benefits address Issues and needs.

CV Bingo

Ensure you make a quick and lasting impression and start to sell your value.

Your Sales Flyer

Transform your CV into a winning Sales Flyer and stand out from the crowd.

Up for it? Then, let's get the interview.

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