You are the Biz!

YOU are a business and face the same challenges that other businesses face.

The Entrepreneur

YOU are an entrepreneur and face the same challenges that other entrepreneurs face. How do you rate as an entrepreneur?

Take Aim - Hit the Bullseye

Where are you right now? Establish your starting point. Track your position regularly to measure your progress.


Your skills, qualities and attributes. What are your assets and what are your liabilities?

Prove It!

Boost the awareness of your product, "your skills, qualities and achievements". Ensure that you always back up your claims with proofs.

Market Research

The visible and hidden job markets and why they exist.

Below the Surface

Dive beneath the waves and prove that the hidden job market exists.

The Supply Chain

Turn your "job search" into "job re-search".

A Full Time Job

Research employment markets, employers and job roles.

Take Control

Set out your personal goals and build your vision and mission statements.


Develop strategies and tactical actions to achieve your goals using SMART action planning principles.

Up for it? Then, let's get organised for change.

Get started now

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