This SureTrax unit has been specifically designed to contribue to your ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and to:

  • Re-energise the employability sector and its professionals, changing mindsets with an innovative approach to enterprise and employability
  • Help you achieve your personal and professional objectives and deliver business value through Personal Enterprise
  • Enable you to better understand the principles and ethos of SureTrax. It will aslo help familiarise you with the online Self Marketing & Personal Enterprise programme materials and the learner experience


You are the Business

YOU are a business and face the same challenges that other businesses face.

The Entrepreneur

YOU are an entrepreneur and face the same challenges that other entrepreneurs face. How do you rate as an entrepreneur?


Your skills, qualities and attributes. What are your assets and what are your liabilities?

Take Control

Set out your personal goals and build your vision and mission statements.


Develop strategies and tactical actions to achieve your goals using SMART action planning principles.

Prove It!

Boost the awareness of your product, "your skills, qualities and achievements". Ensure that you always back up your claims with proofs.

Your FAB

Identify your Features and Benefits and build the foundation for your Elevator Pitch.

Going Up

Continue to build your Elevator Pitch and prove your features and benefits.

Elevator Pitch

Finalise your Elevator Pitch by proving that your features and benefits address issues and needs.

Time for Change

Manage your time. Get the balance right by making the best use of your time.

Stressed Out

Formulate strategies to manage and adapt to stress.

Develop Business Value

Your strategy for success. Analyse your assets, opportunities and risks. Continue to develop your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and increase your value and net worth.

Return To Go

Unless you have reached your ideal position, the process simple starts again. All that has changed is your starting point.


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