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This is an enterprise driven programme that has been developed for people looking for a job, a career change, a promotion, to start a new business or to progress into further or higher education.

Based on proven sales and business enterprise processes, it will show you how to bring your product, "YOU", to the market. It will provide you with the tools and confidence to access a lifetime of opportunities, take ownership of your own destiny and take action to make it happen.

This unique approach is designed to help you to find out "what you want to do" and "how to do it." The process puts the whole idea of getting on in life into context. It helps you to break down what might otherwise seem a very difficult process into simple bite-size chunks.

A Process For Life

When we say 'a process for life' we mean 'a process for life'. All learners and training staff receive lifetime access to our web-based materials and the cycle is designed to use 'time and time again' with different 'starting points' to match life's progression, changing circumstances and changing expectations.

Get Organised
Planning for success in the employment market.
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Get The Interview
Selling yourself in the employment market.
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Got The Interview
Business techniques for successful interviews.
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Got The Job
Preparation for life and work.
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Keep The Job
Developing attitudes for the workplace.
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Move On
Preparing for progression in the workplace.
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Personal Enterprise Plan (PEP)

This programme has been designed to act as an aid to understanding your career path and improving your chances of successfully competing in today’s labour market. The process will take you from your starting position through to your desired goal. The programme contains exercises which will test your understanding and support your progress towards the qualification in Self- Marketing and Personal Enterprise. It will also provide a platform for building your own "PEP" (Personal Enterprise Plan).

Think Like An Employer

Any business making an investment is looking for a return on that investment. You are about to make an investment in your time and effort and you are no different. As an entrepreneur, YOU need a return on your investment. How much do you really want to change your life? You are, right now, starting to take control of your own future.


A key question to ask yourself is, who is best placed to really help? You are probably receiving support and being directed into various opportunities that may, or may not, be right for you. Think about it. Who is best placed to understand the skills and qualities you already have? Who is best placed to know your achievements, experiences and values? Who is best placed to sell you to a prospective buyer? The answer has got to be YOU. This programme is about taking ownership and getting the best placed person to get you where you want to be. It is OK to ask for help but, if you are seen to be taking the lead, others will want to help you even more.

Take Action Today

The whole programme is action based. Taking "action today" may sound very simple, but by "doing" just that YOU can change your destiny and your future. Be prepared! Who knows, the next phone call that you make, the next letter that you write or the next opportunity that comes your way might just be a life changer? Look at key moments in your life and ask yourself, if I had not been in that precise spot at that moment or talking to that particular person, how different could my life be? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could plan for those moments and make it count when they happen.

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